Example of a car bill of sale

TRCZ automobili L.t.d.
Zagrebačka 118, 10 360 SESVETE, Croatia OIB / MB: 49622102670/1188364




have on 9th May, 2012 concluded this


Article I.
The Buyer hereby buys and the Seller hereby sells the following described motor vehicle:

Make, Model and type, Year, VIN# (Vehicle Identification Number), Power in kW, engine displacement, registration plates
SUZUKI SWIFT 1,3 2008 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 68 1328 ZG 0000-XX

Article II.
The selling price of the vehicle from Article I. of this Contract is 42 000, 00 KN
(letters: forty two thousand kuna)

Article III.

The amount stated in Article II. has been paid in full by the Buyer:
On the account: Societe Generale – Splitska banka Inc.
Account number: XXXXXXXXXX

Article IV.
The Seller warrants to the Buyer the truthfulness of the documents and of the vehicle identification number for the vehicle described above, that the Seller has full authority to sell and transfer said property, that the said property is free of all liens, encumbrances and that all liabilities from previous sales have been met. The Seller is liable for all false and/or incorrect information listed in Article I. of this Contract, regardless of when the false and/or incorrect information is revealed, or ascertained.

Article V.
The Buyer has inspected the vehicle, buys it as it is and has no objections regarding the quality of the vehicle.

Article VI.
The Buyers becomes the vehicle owner immediately after this Contract is concluded, and after the amount from Article II. of this Contract has been made.

Article VII.
All costs for drawing this Contract and ownership transfer const will be borne out by the Buyer.

Article VIII.
Buyer and Seller accept their respective rights and obligations arising from this Contract, which they prove by signing this Contract.

Article IX.
The contractual parties agree that all potential disputes arising out of or in connection with the present Contract will be resolved by a common agreement, and in case this proves impossible, will be submitted the court in Zagreb.

Article X.
This contract is made in 2 (two) identical copies, 1 (one) for the Buyer, and 1 (one) for the notary. Certified copies will be made available for all contractual parties.



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