TRCZ Group

The TRCZ Group is organised around four operative companies, which were founded by Mr Ivan Pehar, who is the sole owner of the group. On the basis of commercial and proprietary relationship they function as a informal group associations.

The main activity of the group is used cars sales. The group has managed to position itself as a market leader in that segment in Croatia. In 2011 it started to invest considerably in complementary businesses (rent-a-car, fleet management and car repair).

The Group is focused on buyers who are looking value for the money they have paid, a safe car purchase and service, that is, a guarantee of the services. The group is a market leader in used cars sales and holds around 1,5% of the market which is extremely fragmented. Since the next biggest market rival holds 0,5% of the market, the current position of the Group allows the organic growth and securing of the leadership position with a market share considerably bigger that it is today. A bigger market segment would correspond to the segmentation on used cars markets in other European countries and CEE countries, where a certain consolidation of supply and demand of used cars occurred. Consolidation is also expected in the Republic of Croatia and the region.

With the development of the complementary services we are building a new model with strong synergistic effect, such as for example: FLEET management will become a source where you can get quality used cars.
AutoPlus service center will get bigger car repair jobs with considerably bigger number of cars in the FLEET management.
AutoPlus service center allows strong post-sales client assistance to those clients who buy a TRCZ car and that the clients constantly go back to buy cars at TRCZ automobili.

TRCZ automobili can give you a great buying price to the FLEET management solutions when buying new cars and with that they have bigger competitiveness towards their buyers.
By buying bigger at group level, the Group achieves better results with all car distributors as with financial institutions.

‘One stop shop’ in the car line of business at TRCZ Group za business and private clients.
Concentration of technical competences within a group.
TRCZ group vision: We want to be the first choice for buying, selling, renting and maintaining car in the region.
TRCZ group mission: o give the buyers a wide choice, simple and safe purchase of a used or new car, and quality maintenance of cars and corporative fleets.

The history of the company

The TRCZ automobili was founded in 1992. under the name Technical Repair Center Zagreb Ltd. (Tehničko Remontni Centar Zagreb d.o.o.) and it started to sell cars at the address Zagrebačka 118, Sesvete. Today the group sells personal cars in 5 location in the Republic of Croatia: three locations in Zagreb, in Split and Rijeka. In Zagreb, one of three sales location is location for delivery-transport program. In 2010 the Group started working with car repair activities and in 2012 a special association was founded (T.R.C.Z. Autoservis) which provides car repair and car maintenance services. In 2011 the TRCZ Group (Ivan Pehar as TRCZ owner) founded the Autoflota Ltd. which deals with vehicle fleet maintenance while the FLEET rent a car Ltd., founded in January 2012, deals with renting cars. TRCZ automobili has 47 employees and the TRCZ Group has 110 employees.

The largest selection of used cars under warranty, total number of used cars that we offer: 510.