TRCZ automobili

TRCZ automobili (TRCZ Cars) is a company with the largest storage of used cars in Croatia and we offer, alongside the classic sales of used cars, a wide spectre of services connected with buying a vehicle so you would get a safer, cheaper and a simplified purchase. TRCZ automobili is a market leader in the sales of used cars with over 2, 500 sold cars per annum.

We constantly offer over 600 cars, and sometimes over 1,000 cars.

At the moment we are doing business in two locations. In Zagreb-Sesvete we are doing business with personal cars, in Zagreb-Jankomir with personal and commercial cars.

Our best recommendation is 20,000 satisfied customers in 20 years of doing business.

From our full scale service we would like to emphasize:
  1. sales from our large car storage
  2.  assessment and repurchase of your vehicle
  3. the service of selling via public auction - bidding
  4. replacing old for new
  5. taking credit and offering the purchase of buying a new vehicle
We offer professional service and expertise and we are well aware that your satisfaction is the product of excellent results and the best possible service.

The largest selection of used cars under warranty, total number of used cars that we offer: 510.