Where we get our vehicles from

We obtain all our vehicles only from reliable sources, and all vehicles we have on offer are obtained in the Republic of Croatia and have been maintained either in authorized maintenance centers or in our AutoPlus service center. The company TRCZ automobili (TRCZ Cars) obtains used vehicles from leasing companies, major Croatian companies and ministries, and in part from private sellers.

When buying cars from private sellers, we demand the vehicle to be inspected and evaluated by DEKRA, the esteemed European company and the leading EU company in car estimates. In case of a positive evaluation by DEKRA we proceed to purchase such a vehicle.

Regular maintenance of your vehicle is imperative in order to ensure that your vehicle runs smoothly, to ensure its longevity and its safety, so it is important where and how your vehicle is maintained. A network of top quality maintenance centers is the best choice for your car maintenance, since the maintenance center employees receive regular training, they only install original parts and they possess specialized tools that respect the highest of standards.AutoPlus service center is one of such top quality maintenance centers.

Here in TRCZ automobili, we believe that our buyers deserve only the best, so we offer you not only top quality vehicles of verified history, but also expert maintenance services.

The largest selection of used cars under warranty, total number of used cars that we offer: 510.