What you should watch out the most

Even if you are aware of all the before-mentioned advice, there are still risks and possible problems which could jeopardize your safe purchase of the car and result in a not so happy purchase. We will list several examples which car dealers use in the process of used cars sales.

Illegal / unknown origin of the car

It is really difficult to track down the entire history of the car, and since there is a large number of stolen cars in Croatia, you should really be lucky when buying a used car. We recommend that you buy your car at a licensed car dealer and that you ask for a service book and the vehicle guarantee.

Financial problems because of unpaid debt

There is a risk the police will confiscate the car. If you want your money back, you should prepare yourself for a long legal action with the previous owner, leasing company or a bank.

Odometer fraud

'Odometer fraud', 'busting miles' is the most common form of fraud in the car business which the dishonest dealers and sellers use. Since odometer fraud is still not considered to be a criminal offence in Croatia, it is very common and a large number of people buy cars with fake mileage.

How can you recognize an honest car dealer?

You should always choose bigger and verified car dealers, because only then you can be sure in the quality of the service. You should avoid any 'street' offers or markets which are not a safe place for buying vehicles.
If you are buying on a market, you should ask for a written guarantee, such as a 100% guarantee on the origin of the car and authenticity and ask them to give you a guarantee on the mechanical condition of your car.


At TRCZ automobili this is all normal and we are very proud that we can offer all of this for free and give you a lot of safety measure we know you will appreciate and that will increase the level of safety and comfort. When you are buying in TRCZ automobili you know with 100% guarantee that you will get exactly what you have paid for.

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