Used car warranty

As leaders in used car sales in Croatia, we stand behind our services and our products, and we can promise you safety and quality of our vehicles. This is a promise we have been keeping for the last 20 years, and it is with utmost pleasure that we make the same promise to you too. We believe that the best warranty is the warranty you never have to use. Accordingly, we give you a warranty, while at the same time sincerely hoping you would never need it. However, should you happen to need it, we are at your disposal.

A standard warranty is included in the used car selling price. It is given in accordance with the specified warranty terms which are explained in the warranty book, to be obtained when purchasing a vehicle. In order to be covered by the said warranty, buyers are required to maintain their vehicles in our AutoPlus service centers.

Apart from the standard warranty, we also offer you a premium warranty, where an additional payment equaling 2% of the car’s value covers 100% of all expenses in case any of the vital parts of the car engine breaks down.

Warranty is given for the following parts:

Engine block, engine hear gasket, fly wheel, engine damper, front blow-off tube

Cooling system:
Cooler, thermostat, passenger cabin heater

Manual and automatic gear shift:

Gear shift case and all internal parts, hydrodynamic rotation transmitter, automatic gear shift controller

Front/back axle differential, spindle (for transmitting motion), Cardan joint, engine spindle

Steering mechanism, compressive hydraulic pump

Main brakes cylinder, brake servo unit, regulator of braking force distribution, brake pressure pipes, hydraulic unit with ventilation block, ABS – anti-lock braking system, EDS – electronic differential lock, ASR - anti-slip regulation, with integral system parts (rotational speed sensors, controlling devices).

Fuel pump system (except when the appropriate fuels and oils are not used):
Fuel pump, throttle

Electric devices:
Alternator with the regulator, electric starter, airbags and the related electronic devices, electronic seat belt control unit, central locking processor, anti-theft device processor

The warranty does not cover any damages:
  • Caused by an accident i.e. an event caused by an immediate, external or mechanical force;
  • Caused by a malevolent action, fire and explosion, theft, unauthorized use, robbery or embezzlement, an immediate impact of storm, thunder strike, earthquake or flood;
  • On parts that the manufacturer repairs free of charge, regardless of the warranty;
  • Resulting from a participation in a race, or a test drive for such a race;
  • Resulting from a mishandling of the vehicle or putting the vehicle under pressure that exceeds the maximum authorized axle pressure or trailer pressure; resulting from a failure to use the appropriate fuels and oils; resulting from changes to the original vehicle construction (e.g. tunning) or from installing additional parts, unauthorized by the manufacturer, or from their improper installation;
  • Caused by using parts that are clearly in need of repair, except if it cannot be proved that the damage does not necessitate a repair or that the part was repaired in accordance with the rules at the time of the malfunction;
  • Causally related to the fact that the vehicle was not repaired, or maintained as prescribed by the manufacturer(s) or the dealers who delivered the vehicle;
  • Or malfunctions which are covered by the warranty, but which were not immediately reported to the dealer who delivered the vehicle or malfunctions which occurred if the vehicle was not put at our disposal immediately after the approval of repairs.
Also excluded from this warranty are:
  • Costs of testing, measuring and adjusting, unless they are connected to a malfunction that is covered by the warranty and
  • Costs of transport and delivery of the vehicle to the maintenance center and all related costs.
In order to use the warranty, the buyer must maintain their vehicles in our maintenance center (after every 10000 km or at least every 12 months, depending on which of these is first. For a premium warranty, maintenance is required after every 10000 km or at least every 6 months).

To obtain service under this warranty:

After a malfunction that is covered by a warranty occurs, the buyer must report the malfunction to the dealer who delivered the vehicle immediately and after their reply put the vehicle to their disposal. The repair is made according to the technical requirements, and is carried out by repairing or replacing with new or used parts. The parts that were so replaced become our property.

Conditions of standard warranty:

With standard warranty, the buyer commits to participating in any costs of repair, including labor and parts according to the following table, and this taking into account the total number of kilometers after the malfunction took place:
  • Under 50000 km, 0%
  • Up to 60 000 km, 10%
  • Up to 70 000 km, 20%
  • Up to 80 000 km, 30%
  • Up to 90 000 km, 40%
  • Up to 100 000 km, 50%
  • Above 100 000 km, 60%

Conditions of premium warranty:

The conditions for premium warranty are similar as those for standard warranty, only with additional benefits. With premium warranty, when taking over the automobile, the buyer pays 2% of the automobile’s value, and in case of malfunction, does not participate in repair costs.

Invoice of the dealer or certificate of payment serve as proof that a premium warranty fee has been paid.
Premium warranty includes basic one-year membership in TRCZ in HAK (Croatian Auto Club).
When using the warranty, the standard maintenance discount of 15% is not granted, and conditions negotiated for the standard warranty apply instead.

The largest selection of used cars under warranty, total number of used cars that we offer: 500.