Bring your own mechanic

You want to be certain you selected the right vehicle?

We always allow you to have the vehicle examined by the expert of your choice!

Buying a used vehicle can be a risky move if you are not careful who you are buying the vehicle from. Used cars buyers usually venture into the purchase of the car themselves, relying only on their own proper knowledge or on their intuition, but if you do not completely trust the seller, the best option is to bring along a car mechanic, or even someone who knows about cars.

In any case, examining a vehicle on the road or in a yard, and inspecting the conditions it is in, is not an easy job. Therefore, when buying a car from TRCZ automobili feel free to bring along your car expert, in order for you to be sure what you are buying.

Bring your own car mechanic to examine the vehicle you want to buy:
  • Your mechanic will be given the opportunity to do a thorough examination!
  • Your mechanic can take the car for a test drive!
  • Your mechanic can test the car using his own diagnostic equipment!

The largest selection of used cars under warranty, total number of used cars that we offer: 510.