FLEET management

FLEET management is specialized for managing the vehicle fleet (fleet management) and outsourcing of solutions for their client's fleets.

We recognized the need for a good management system and a system of optimizing expenses of vehicle fleets in the business world and the FLEET management created an extensive and well-elaborated program for vehicle care, no matter whether the vehicles are owned by the company or leased. That way the company the companies let professionals take care of their vehicles and they can devote themselves to their primary businesses, and at any time the companies can get a transparent and clear view of the condition of their fleet.

Fleet management system takes into consideration all the details by taking care of the special demands of every vehicle fleet, and taking into consideration of all the needs of a fleet.

In short, we can say that:
  • We do not offer universal solutions for all our clients, but tailored solutions for every client.
  • We ensure the most competitive financing conditions in collaboration with financial partners (leasing companies).
  • We optimize the operating expenses of the vehicle fleet and we reduce our clients engagement, that is their focus on the business
  • We take all the risks of the future costs of maintenance, controlling and sale of the used cars.
  • We carry out the expert control and surveillance of the suppliers.
  • We ensure constant mobility of the customers and around the clock expert and technical support according to the model '24/7/365'.
  • We enable maximum flexibility of conducting business packages that can be changed, various services and contract parameters.

The largest selection of used cars under warranty, total number of used cars that we offer: 510.