Commission sale

Most of our clients decide to sell their car directly to us, but some car sellers are hoping to get a better price by agreeing to let TRCZ automobili put their car up for a commission sale.

By entering into a commission sale contract with TRCZ automobili you will get the highest possible price for your vehicle, because you are the one who sets the price, and we take a commission from the sale. Our commission is 5% including VAT, 2000 kn being the minimal commission amount. In case the seller changes his mind about selling the car, at any given time and for whatever reason, he must pay a storage charge of 50 kn per day, plus VAT.
We charge you for placing the vehicle in our dealership and on our web site, as well as for the services performed by our salesmen, since all our salesmen are paid per vehicle sold. Our website,, is the most visited car selling site in Croatia, with more than 65000 unique visits.

  • Selling your car through TRCZ automobili is quick, simple and hassle-free, without any of the unnecessary formalities, with our professional salesmen being in charge of the whole sales process
  • You can trust us, we are the biggest used cars dealership in Croatia, selling 90% of the cars in the first month, at the price set by the client.
  • Your vehicle is covered by a warranty from theft or any type of damage, until it is sold.
  • Your vehicle is guarded by a camera system, and the keys are stored at a safe place.
  • Preparing your car for sale includes an inside and outside car was.
  • More than 3000 potential and prospective buyers visits TRCZ car dealerships every moths, and our websites receives more than 65000 visits a months, so your car will have the biggest possible chance to be sold.
  • Payment in cash, immediately following the sale.
  • Our company, TRCZ automobili, takes care of all the ownership transfer paperwork and takes care of the entire sales process.
  • The car is sold at a price you select.

The largest selection of used cars under warranty, total number of used cars that we offer: 456.