A car is the integral part of our lives and an important part of our assets. Every damage, be it a small or a big one, is an unplanned financial burden for the owner of the vehicle.

Basic insurance

Mandatory insurance the owner has to have, i.e. of the motor vehicle is insurance from the responsibility of the damages made by a third party. All owners, i.e. all those who use the vehicle must have an insurance policy in order to protect themselves from damages made by a third party.

Driving a motor vehicle in itself presents a potential danger, during which we can cause (to a third party):
  •  death,
  •  physical injuries,
  • damages to the person’s health,
  • destruction or damages to personal possessions.

Automobile and personal liability insurance (hull insurance)

Hull car insurance covers most of the damages on a motor vehicle caused during driving, if the vehicle was not moving and was parked at the parking lot.

With hull car insurance you can insure all types of motor vehicles, work vehicles, rolling stock and their component parts. It is possible to ensure the additional equipment of the car, the luggage, samples of merchandise for sale and other items in the vehicle.

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