We maintain your car

Discover why AUTOPLUS service centar is the best place to have your car maintained or repaired.

In the AutoPlus service you can find all the parts for your new automobile. Since the maintenance center comes with a spare parts shop, this allows you to replace all the used up parts of your car in one place. Instead of searching for the parts all over the place and then having to search for a maintenance center as well, why not save time and money and come to our center right away, and do all the necessary work in one single place.
Apart from that, here in the AutoPlus service center you will often find promotional offers, gifts and discounts, so do not hesitate to come to our center on time and do maintenance work on your ‘’metal pet’’ at competitive prices.

We offer you spare parts, equipment and tires, of all sizes and prices, for your vehicle.

Come directly to AutoPlus service center or contact us by phone and prepare to discover you can really do everything in one place, at competitive and reasonable prices.

You need to perform a damper inspection, test your brakes or your engine? To inspect your tires or check lights system? Or you may just need an expert piece of advice on your new car? The company TRCZ automobili offers you all that and much more to you and your new car. Extensive expertise and considerable work experience of our employees are a guarantee of quality and their professional attitude and work ethic will show you that your vehicle is really taken care of. Apart from doing the work you agreed upon, they will draw your attention to other possible flaws or other possible interventions on your vehicle. We use every opportunity to stand out from the other car maintenance centers.

All car buyers from our car dealerships are granted a 15% discount or car maintenance services in the AutoPlus service center.

The largest selection of used cars under warranty, total number of used cars that we offer: 509.