Sell us your vehicle

We buy cars of all brands and models

If you have a used car you want to sell, feel free to call and offer the vehicle to us. We will buy the vehicle off after it has been evaluated and if we agree on prices and sales conditions. We do not buy off 10 (or more) year old vehicles.

We bear all ownership transfer costs, and we will pay you in 3-5 days.

Why sell your car to us?

  1. We will pay you in 3-5 days to your bank account, or we will deduce the price of your car from price of the new car you are buying from us;
  2. Transparent evaluation;
  3. Reasonable prices;
  4. We take the responsibility for your car’s condition: SEEN – BOUGHT;
  5. Attractive offers to ‘’trade in’’ your old car for a newer one;
  6. We will pay off your lease or your loan, and deduce it from the amount to be paid to you;
  7. In case you are not satisfied with the price we propose you, you can place your vehicle in our dealership to be sold for commission.

The largest selection of used cars under warranty, total number of used cars that we offer: 495.